Spinal Armor

Butterfly Panel


The Spinal Armor Butterfly Panel is designed for maximum back pain relief. Its X-shape design provides thoracic support (the base of your neck to the lower mid-back, aka the lumbar area) and relieves pressure and pain in the sacroiliac (SI) joints (around your hips). 

Made from comfortable, lightweight materials that are incredibly strong, the Butterfly Panel easily attaches via hook and loop fasteners to the inside of your Spinal Armor Back Support System.

For additional support, our Spinal Panel can be attached to the Butterfly Panel for lumbar support on days when you have lower back pain. Our customers tell us this combination is also effective for relieving sciatica pain.

The Butterfly Panel has been designed to hold the Hot & Cold Therapy Gel Pack for when you need hot or cold relief in your lumbar area. Both accessories are included in the Deluxe Pack.

**If your exact height is not included in the menu above, please include it in the Special Instructions/Add a Note section when checking out. Your Butterfly Panel will be heated and custom-molded for best fit according to your height. **

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