Spinal Armor

Spinal Panel


The Spinal Armor Spinal Panel is designed for when you need extra and adjustable lumbar support in your lower back area (L1-L5). Customers tell us that our Spinal Panel is especially useful at reducing back pain if they have a lot of negative space (inward curve) in their lower back such as those who suffer from scoliosis.

Made from comfortable, lightweight materials that are incredibly strong, the Spinal Panel provides additional support for one of the most common areas of back pain. It applies gentle but firm pressure along your lumbar region to help maintain the natural curve of your lower spine. The extra lumbar support reduces pain and fatigue in your lower back muscles. 

The Spinal Panel easily attaches via hook and loop fasteners to the inside of your Spinal Armor Back Support System. It can be used in conjunction with the Butterfly Panel for maximum back pain relief and support. This accessory is included in the Deluxe Pack.

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