Spinal Armor

Spinal Armor's Biomechanical Technology

The Spinal Armor "Anti Brace" Back Support System gets you moving again. Our SMART system break-through technology allows freedom of movement and provides shock absorption to reduce back pain and increase function.

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To assure a perfect fit, the Spinal Armor Back Support System adjusts to the silhouette of your body with pull straps that tighten to engage the system.


Once dynamic contour is created, Spinal Armor is ready to go to work to interact with your body and adapt to any action or reaction. Our back support system absorbs impact from movement away from your body, whether it’s expected (like running) or unexpected (like hitting a pothole on the road).



Dynamic fit & function for everyone!

Allows your body to bend and rotate
Golf Back Brace for Men
Reactive Back Brace
Allows you to breathe normally
Reactive Back Brace


What is the SMART system?

The SMART system (Spinal Mechanics for Active and Reactive Technology) is our patented technology that protects and supports your back through active movement and reactive movement.

Active movement is an activity like running, jumping, bending, or swinging a golf club. Reactive movement is sitting in a chair for a long time, riding in a car or on a motorcycle, or sitting on a train (the rumbles, vibrations, shifting, twisting, and bumps can be excruciating!). 

The innovative design of Spinal Armor’s SMART system protects your back during both types of movement. Its ergonomic biomechanical engineering allows your torso to move while supporting your spine and back muscles. This protects you from back pain.  

The advantages of Spinal Armor's back support technology:

  • Interacts and engages with your body’s natural range of motion.
  • A rotating disc technology mimics the natural rotation of your waist. This allows you to bend and rotate with support.
  • Keeps you moving so you can maintain your healthy muscle mass.
  • Interchangeable panels are available for extra support in the lumbar, upper spine, or abdominal areas. Use them all at once or separately as needed.
  • “Soft-Feel” fabric is breathable to wick moisture away from your body so you stay comfortable and cool.



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