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The Spinal Armor SMART System

(Spinal Mechanics for Active and Reactive Technology)

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Not a Traditional Back Brace

The Spinal Armor Back Support System is a revolutionary and innovative solution to relieve chronic or temporary back pain. It is FDA-approved and eligible for FSA and HSA spending.

Spinal Armor supports your back with customized compression, yet it doesn’t restrict your movement like a traditional back brace. It supports and corrects your posture and allows you freedom of movement, so you can live your life just as you did before back pain set in. This flexibility is critical for healing.

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Move without back pain

Our patented technology lets you lift, twist, stretch, bend over, exercise, play, and sit for long periods. Without back pain. It also lets your diaphragm expand so you can breathe normally.

Traditional corset-style back braces intentionally restrict the movement of your core muscles. These types of back braces have their uses, but strengthening your core isn’t one of them. Because they’re restricting movement, you may even lose muscle strength.

Many types of back pain can be reduced by strengthening your core muscles and staying active. Spinal Armor allows to keep doing what you love to do.

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Comfortable all day

Spinal Armor is ergonomically designed to fit the curves and lines of your body, regardless of your shape. It’s easy to put on and take off , can be worn under your clothing and is made with long-lasting high-performance materials.

Our “Soft-feel” fabric wicks moisture away from your body to keep you cool and comfortable all day.

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Customized Compression and Support

With Spinal Armor’s pull straps, you set the amount of compression you need. For more support options, add our abdominal panel for core support, our spinal panel for lumbar support (low back), or our butterfly panel for thoracic (mid-back) and sacroiliac (si) support. And for those days when the pain just won’t quit, our custom cold and hot therapy gel pack easily attaches to the inside of your back support system to relax or heal sore muscles.


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A better work belt

When you have back pain, working a physically demanding job can be challenging. Many people buy a back support belt, believing it will protect them from injury.

Unfortunately, most over-the-counter work belts actually provide very little support or protection for your back. They’re more like a reminder to take it easy rather than offering any real physical benefit.

Spinal Armor provides customizable back support when lifting, twisting, stretching, bending, and walking. It also helps workers who sit on hard surfaces like stools, office chairs, tractors, and forklifts. It makes getting through your workday a whole lot easier.

Spinal Armor can be worn on top of or underneath your work clothes

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Spinal Armor works with your body and stabilizes and supports your back so golfers, runners, skiers, bikers, and athletes of every kind can confidently play, train, or compete.

It also protects you when traveling so that bumps in the road and sudden stops on a train, car, or bus aren’t painful. Everyday activities are carefree again, like sitting in your home office chair, playing with the kids, or folding laundry.

If you feel your best, you’ll perform at your best.


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Imagine being able to move freely, travel, exercise, and play your favorite sports with reduced back pain or none at all. It’s possible!

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spinal armor review
I like this much better than the “other” bulky option my doctor prescribed. This back brace makes makes my back feel great plus it’s much easier to wear than others I have tried.

– Gwendolyn S.

spinal armor review
This product has helped a lot. I can walk and stand much longer than I could before. I wouldn’t change a thing. Its super comfy!!

– Jennifer T.

spinal armor review
I absolutely love this support system. It’s amazing. I can feel a huge difference in my back even once I take it off. It’s really helping me stay active.

– Richard L.

spinal armor review
Thanks…I think it will really support my poor lumbar spine during high exertion activities. You've created a great product for active people. It is so amazing!!

– Marilee

spinal armor review
Thank you so much for the Spinal Armor. It helped me heal my back.

– Jess, Nurse Practitioner


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