Spinal Armor

Abdominal Panel


The Spinal Armor Abdominal Panel is made for days when you need extra support around your belly area.

In the abdomen, your trunk muscles form a type of wall that stabilizes and supports your spine. If you have weakened abdominal muscles from an injury, obesity, or a lack of activity, you may have a forward-leaning posture and less stability in the spine. This puts strain on the ligaments and tendons in your back, which causes back pain and muscle fatigue. 

Our Abdominal Panel provides support around your stomach to take the pressure off your painful back muscles and helps to relieve low back pain. Made from comfortable, lightweight materials that are incredibly strong.

The Abdominal Panel easily slides into the front panel of your Spinal Armor Back Support System. This accessory is included in the Deluxe Pack.

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